Going Under

A new reading of an old poem that insists upon returning to be revised and revoiced, one that drifts to silent depths, then resurfaces with a new albeit still melancholy melody.

This reading is for the Twitter Project known as #ReadMeSpeakMe, initiated in 2018 and borne of the endlessly creative mind belonging to @megwaf.

For Session 155, The Voices read my work with stellar interpretations and creative wonder. Here’s my own reading of the piece.

Thank you for listening. If you’re on Twitter, please seek out the other contributions to this and the other shining sessions featuring an array of international voices and their poetic works. ~f/M

Background Music: Blue in Green – Miles Davis

Angel Buddha Unicorn

While you are sleep dreaming
a trio of shadows alights in your room

You might hear their faint chorus
a distant melody deep sweet and low

What message their voices whisper
a calm symphony or euphonious hum

Gifts they leave for discovery
light passages welcome a new day

Lift your eyes toward ceiling at dawn
imagine there cloudless quiet skies

Three shadows meet in your window
looking in looking out through you