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calamity in the forest

when the owls alight in the high

shade of cedars to look

they are so unpopular with locals

who protest in every key relentlessly

maybe it’s the air of owl superiority

or the sleepy lidded glances of disdain

maybe it’s imagined owl oblivion—

new roses nod keeping graceful time

with soft summer wind

heads lowered in grave solidarity

there is a grand noise in the forest today

I can hear bird rage breaking through

even the cacophony of my thoughts

maybe i ought feel some gratitude

for the distraction🪶


No one sits out here in this season

I heard them say

I am no one then as here I am

or maybe all this space is cool illusion

There was no sound on exit but birdsong

water dripping from places unseen

a canine barking in the distance

car wheels on a highway going north or south

Late afternoon the sun announces day’s slow denouement

I sip old wine that ought be poured out

remove my glasses so the view is softened

Through the veil of birch and poplar what is there

to see but layers of more birch and poplar half dressed

for possibility, a subdued anticipation

Someone will need to shovel the dog shit away from

the summer lawns awakening soon

Winter snow is such temporary camouflage🪶


While I lay restless dreaming

Moon slipped behind the mountain

Still I trust she was there

I am a reliable witness to events past


In the lambent light of this new morning

Remnants of my vivid dreamscape linger

A part of me remains present there

A mime with an indecipherable message

While I sip cinnamon coffee, breathe slow, read words from my morning text

Then read the same line again to embed

Both there and here

Presence and Absence

Which scene is this then and what act

Who’s offstage to feed my forgotten lines

Is the sky out my window the opening

Or the denouement

Is there a pause feature in this plot

I have questions to answers I think you know

Beginnings and Endings

At the close of each year

I like to reflect upon all

to note what it is I might have learned

before releasing the past forever to

the freedom of prevailing winds

Then I inhale deep and smile

my gaze upon the new year’s opening sky

anticipating the fledgling wonders

unfolding like a boardwalk through

the forest light of future exploring

Endings and Beginnings

Silences between

Gratitude for every moment

Every song and every scene🪶