Poetry, in my opinion, helps us make sense of the world or, if not make sense, then at least to talk about it, to explore, describe, define, and respond to experiences and events that affect us in some way. Writing can bring about new perspectives, sometimes a better understanding. Writing is a key. Practising it helps unlock doors that transport us to another side.

While I do also write flash fiction, short stories, non-fiction, and songs, Poetry has emerged as my most frequent mode of creative expression.

This site is where I store all those improv bits posted on Twitter by @palefacewriter and more frequently of late by @fhaedra. Some poems emerge as songs as I often hear melody during the composition process. I sometimes post not very polished versions of the songs-in-progress these lyrics become on SoundCloud. There are readings of some of my poetry there, too. As well, you’ll find readings of other poets’ work. These are primarily my contributions to a wonderful series found on Twitter, initiated by @megwaf, and known as #ReadMeSpeakMe. I am fond of voices.

Photo Poems

I also like to attempt to create something with the thousands of images I capture during my wanderings around locations close to home or places in the world I’ve had the privilege to visit. I create photo cards from some of them and these satisfy to some degree my penchant for writing letters as every letter I write is tucked inside one of my cards. I use many of the images as inspiration for more writing in the form of short poems on the back of 4×6 photo prints.

When I travel, I like to leave these photo poems for others to discover. If you come across one of my photos with a purple feather stamp and verse scribbled on its reverse, I hope you’ll find your way here and tell me about it. I acknowledge that some of these dropped photo poems may never be found. I’ve made some bad choices in placement: inside tree trunks, between rocks along remote mountain trails, inside obscure books in not-for-lending libraries, on the cracked sills of abandoned buildings along lonesome cycling trails, behind artworks hanging in unpopular public spaces with subdued lighting. Oh well. Poetry survives.


My other page here is here: https://bit.ly/RainyDayQuestions

It’s a place to post some of my photographs. I ask a lot of questions there.

Some of my work can be found on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3ePANc2,

a few anthologies, and online on Twitter and Instagram.

I live on the West Coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island.

I’m glad you took time to stop by. Thank you.

🎶Hold Steady. Stay in the Light.🎶

Margaret Lonsdale


Your paleface =;-)

~ One thing always leads to another ~



12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello there I’m writing because during my adventures in Bermuda with my best friend and her family I came across a beautiful picture with the most lovely poem. While taking a picture at Whale Bay, an absolutely stunning place we climbed up the hilltop and I seen this picture nuzzled in the rocks. I just wanted to let you know that it was a wonderful find and very inspiring. Thank you so much for the wonderful words.

    “Beyond the walls and barriers of closed lonely minds resides opportunity for living among the boundless colorful joy that is humanity.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tysha,
      I’m so glad you discovered my small gift left in that beautiful secluded spot at Whale Bay! I guess it was meant for you.
      The photo I wrote the poem on the reverse of was taken in Mallorca, Spain.
      Thanks so much for contacting me. It’s very special for me to hear from you.
      Gratitude. And may you find beauty wherever you may wander. =;-)


  2. Hi, my husband and I were exploring while hiking along the coast and came across your picture, we smiled… Documented the moment, returned the lovely picture for the next unsuspecting adventurer to happen upon.



    1. Hi Jade…Thanks for letting me know you found one! That it brought a smile feels good, especially because I know that you were in the midst of some blissful natural beauty at that moment as I was at some time before you.


  3. This morning on TV there was a short show about dog sledding in Canada. I thought of you and decided to look you up. I hope all is groovy in your world. Peace, Love and Hippy Beads, Rhonda


    1. Hey, Rhonda!
      I’m impressed that dogsledding in Canada would conjure up a memory of me. Great to receive your surprise note. =;-)
      You could say that all is indeed pretty groovy. Hopefully, it’s all well for you too, and you’re still strumming that guitar and writing. Keep on.


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