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Opening the Cage

Someone stirs Poet

imagining her a steamy soup made from river water

He only need stir and wait stir and wait

Boiling sends germs skyward

or so Someone has come to believe

Chains without locks unsteady his focus

but the jingling is comforting, a burden endured willingly for the prize

Red-winged blackbird alights in the hemlock’s shade

his song urging shuffling, then a reluctant stumble of a dance step

Oh distraction! Someone sways in reverie

disturbing the balance of malcontent

Poet escapes while Someone shakes a wooden spoon

that is not a spoon but a rattle with a song

Someone lifts a heavy head of grey anger

resisting the fragility of whispering clouds

Not yet has awareness opened wide enough

to notice Poet has taken the chains

Not yet Someone notices new lightness

Possibility in steps



He is right.


When they return

from their journey

the flowers

so fresh so fragrant so vibrant

when she bought them


one day before they left—

Now he reminds her of

her folly.

There he says

Your flowers are withered

Your money wasted

Your flowers dead.

She stands next

to the table silent

Then takes all but one of her flowers away

Yes you are right, just this one remains

But better flowers

were present at all

Better with flowers around

even if only for a single

colourful fresh fragrant vibrant day

I will remember their presence well

for beauty lingers

and even when this last one fades

beauty taken in never goes away.