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Who are you

What song are you singing

What is your circumstance

Why do you look so—

Why are you alone

Where is your mother

Who is your father

Who cares for you

Does anyone

What is your name

Why does your face draw me so

Why do you follow me

Why can’t I walk away

Why can’t I forget you

Why can’t I let you go

I hold you

I comfort

I take your small hands

in mine

I call you Marley

I whisper your name

comfort language

I feed you

I clothe your torn body

Warm your small heart

fill in the shattered parts

slow soft

words love story song

I walk with your independence

You lift me from blind gutter

We dance in the starlight

Your touch lighter

no longer dangerous

deliberate caution

emergent awareness



I am satisfied

I can release you

to the world




For skeletons

of lonely children

fleeing villainous tormentors

welcoming final escape

embracing relief of innocent death

cradled now by pure Mother Earth

in graves unmarked

names lost or changed or unknown—

we sing our mourning song

we offer quiet Freedom Tears

we chant in voices that will not relent

we hold each one within this soft sacred circle

where humanity emerges the victor

where their names again are whispered

where they rise to be printed in the stars

with love and sorrow and remembrance and hope

we will never forget:

You are not alone

You are not alone.