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A Hand for You

I could have left a note

but it’s windy over there near the bay

You’ll be back before the melting

they remind us every day anyway

I listen to Neve and The Deer Children

sing songs in a language I do not understand

Which path did you choose at the crossroad

I wonder over morning coffee

Where is her other hand you’ll probably ask

when you arrive and find my sign

Why are there no footprints

either coming or going


I dreamed
a cavernous theatre
where people bid
on others’ colourless goods.
Neither selling
nor buying,
I gripped a framed photo
of someone else’s child.

Then rang
a dinner bell
or a warning.
We carried our
own chairs
shuffle forming
a crowded single line
near the double handled wooden door.

And someone
from far away,
a voice I thought I knew,
shouted stood unbalanced unsteady
waving two open hands:
“before leaving, each one of you
must take and hold me close—-
I am Old Soft Familiar
your fellow (wo)Man”.