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Is There No Perfection

Who is there to ask

for definitions not yet discovered

A lonely imagination

pausing to look out upon darkest night

What layers comprise

perfection in form or grace or sound

Spirit of winter

Instruments built from ice of frozen lakes

cut from their melancholy depths

Are there screams

echoing from the drawings to surface

Is there acquiescence

breathless upon a reluctant entrance

And why forever

is it never quite good enough to placate

Our perpetual longing

like Alcyon waiting for Ceyx


Listen: hushed wind in wispy reeds

Trace graceful wings on low horizon flight

Stretch long and slow to sunrise calling

Watch solitary fisher’s lazy navigation ripple

Read Waugh by headlamp under stars

Photograph leaves afloat on morning waves

Walk barefoot amid green velvet grasses

Lean back for best cloud views from this shade tree

Nod to Buddha admiring white lilies full blooming

Sip wine by candlelight in good company conversing

Return boat safe in harbour before light evening rain

Yes, alright, I’ll hope to be back soon this way again.