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Night Bird Discovery

True Pencil Notes my old friend for you this day

What words can I say that won’t give my aching heart too much away




Guilt insistence




Some nights when sleep won’t come I let it be as it may

Let darkness sit beside me while I contemplate awake

Now and then I’ve watched my thoughts wander to you

I’ve looked but not too hard

Did you ever look for me

What is it we hope to achieve by our reverie

We lost something or we let each other slip slowly out of view

What does it matter

What is there left in this mysterious life to figure out

Drifters sway together parlay awhile then part lose or win

No reasons offered none returned

Last night I searched your name

No rational expectations

No expectations at all

I search places people ideas every day

I am not unlike the I then of the curious kind

And searching just as often saves me from wrestling with presence in mind

When did we last meet

What did we talk about

What did we decide

Who was last not to write

Somewhere and someone else along our crooked separate highways

To unknown yet predetermined destinies

Remember these scenes:

You at the bus stop on Denman in coastal rains again waiting for me

You poised always ready and me stumbling unsteady through time

Both of us watching for what was inside while stepping just outside prescribed lines

We were single raincoat bus riders then

Occupying our cubbyhole apartments in the occupant heavy West End

Why should the smokers have the prime furniture

They have their fog to comfort them

I said there’s no need to send requisitions for change

Synchronized in willingness and deviant vision

Wait for departing lunch people then we’d rearrange

Ah, I hear your laughing voice rise as we struggle up those stairs

What about those bright yellow stockings you used to wear

Bumble Bee woman

That black and white photograph of you and me standing close laughing

When we were both bleach blondes and hopefully young

Matching robes flashing in summer morning’s light winds

Luminescent as our sun licking away Pacific sea sins

So what is your smile doing tonight among these year old obituaries

Smuggling my cat in the No Pets Allowed elevator

His striped tail keeping four/four time from the box

While we avoid eye contact with your suspicious neighbour

Lists grow short as these hours of light

Those who know us knew us when over there before better than or

Still under construction

Oh maybe I ought to have known or guessed

You gave me a pair of desert boots when I came to see you after

The move a long long time ago

And when I arrived home I could find only one.


We were slow shuffling up Pilot Street

I promised I’d show you where fairies reside

Sea was roiling west winds were sighing

Stop for flowers we lingered no consultation between

Sometimes kindred depend on synchronicity not words

Man and his camera honouring life beneath stoic Garry Oak

We decide it’s phenomenon worth brief watching

But it’s the mirror on a trunk affixed askew

Spoke to me about what to do

And I like the way you smiled your acquiescence

Raise your small open hand you gentle friend spirit

I know the difference between a wave of hello and

Help I need rescue

Visitor without a key

Come on up to my house, you said

You did not mention a dress code

I arrived in my everyday coat

and to my credit I did comb my hair

You did not mention a password

You did not mention scrutiny by mirror

I stood on your threshold, half up half downside

Although your door stood wide open

No one answered my announcing call

Friendship is a fairytale, I heard a cynic once mourn

Maybe, but I’m still a believer

Redemption knows no discrimination

Call me again sometime, should you ever find your way

out of your narcissistic self aggrandizing hall of playful infamy

I might be busy but if you beg sincerely I’ll consider

sidestepping what occupies me to hear what you’ve got to say


Behind these words are fingers

attached to corporeal being

a universe away yet right beside you, breathing


We speak we exhibit we opine we wander

we meet here or elsewhere briefly

we develop rapport, or repelling


Virtual and physical crossover

barriers remain as barriers lift

sometimes trust sometimes commonality, caring


Exchanges effect changes

Revolutions Reverie Revelation.


Not a sound I heard for weeks now

but our project works like that, with gaps

either you withheld or I wasn’t listening


No matter I’ve never seen your face

I have seen you clearly, there on a hilltop, unveiled

your arrangement of words hope flowers in sunshine


I will miss your brilliant light and excellence

the gentle brutality of your wisdom, your truths

and your presence behind the words I read.
Goodnight, my virtual friend

Go lightly on your journey


You Belong Here


How do you think I know?

the Universe makes no mistakes

it’s true some doubt it

will try so hard to convince you test you

push you rile you accuse you scorn you abuse you

you may elevate and watch this poverty

unravel roll out slither from a sorry sack of ill intent

still it ought not move you undo you hurt you

well maybe scratch a little— you are human and will remain

but you your person your value your beauty your presence

cannot be diminished vaporized erased desensitized put out

You arrived

We met yesterday or today

We will meet again tomorrow

I see you there standing in your place your still slightly bewildered face

Your shining bright light full on but flickering adjusting unsteady

Tell me your name again so I can repeat it write it on our Human Sky

for all to see as they come to look for their own reasons

to befriend or dis or welcome or whisper or ask you out loud

why you are not what they expected

You arrived because it’s time and this is the place the right one your place

You belong here. We all do.



 You can’t just wallow here

give up to the flies those supplies

you packed for the voyage you knew would be long and uncomfortable, maybe rough on your equipment

You can’t just surrender

forget your reasons for this quest

You can’t just rinse away

all you’ve strived to build here

You can’t just pretend

you no longer care and nothing matters

You can’t just stop now

wait for time and soft winds to carry you away

You can’t just remove your identity

by removing all of your clothes

You can’t just eliminate who you are

or despise who you think you can never be

You can’t just light a bonfire

to destroy what’s past and all trace of you in it

You can’t just vaporize

I see you and your presence is here and now

You can’t just dig a hole

climb in and will your life expired

You can’t just say you’re lost

because the key temporarily eludes you

You can’t just claim you’re paralyzed

and fear won’t let you move

You can’t just declare you’re no longer curious

about possibilities awaiting you up ahead

You can’t just say you can’t feel me here

my hand light upon your shoulder

You can’t just say you won’t take my magic stick

and raise yourself up unsteadily

to walk beside me