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Maybe climbing will do it

blanking or suspension

relief or discovery


Do you have to know

before embarking?

If I knew what would there be

left for me to ponder?

Today, stepping with care

listening to the rhythm of heartbeat

my own of course

I seek nothing but nothingness


from the map that’s been handed

by some distributor of unexpected

and yes unwanted she said in her

voice of self centred existence read

formerly unencumbered and light—-

On this mountaintop I know

a few steps nearer the edge there is

a glimpse of water deep and blue

I ought look

maybe on another day when

I’m more prepared to see into

the madness blooming within you🪶

One Day Now

You ask

where ‘will you be this time next year‘

While I

look past your shoulder at some shiny thing

Your smile

says ‘I must be patient with her mind‘

I see

hummingbird contemplate a sip of nectar

Your look

repeats the question with another tone

I say

Yes I shall look here deep into my bowl

We know

All that will be is there to know

Sundown with Heron

Heron and me

Wind and sea

Space between us

Watcher and watcher watching

Am I alone here

Or part of a whole

Belonging is fleeting

Questions lift and fly

Melody of swash carries

Choirs from other shores

Night birds glide to clouds

I survey you surveying

Graceful hunter

Sky draws her shades

I choose a stone to throw