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Where Now Your Story Line

Begin with a thought even if it’s a lie or emerged from a morning dream

Think not of anything but the scratch of lead against paper

Are you one of those whose fingers do not know the feel of a pencil

or the echo in an empty room free of all inspired distraction

Go ahead or run behind but hover always in the moment

for it takes just half a breath before it’s already too late

What have you done with all those memories

abandoned behind a bedroom door when you made your last move

Turn down your light or you’ll alarm the wild life

You’ll need them if you ever want to get out of here.



stealing records

cheating on the exam

lying in confession

posing naked for money

hitchhiking alone

engaging in casual sex

losing the contest

ingesting illicit substances

stealing some stranger’s truck

driving while impaired

wailing out Styx and Boston songs

impersonating a famous poet

pretending everything’s alright

wearing spandex

which one of you is untrue?