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Behind these words are fingers

attached to corporeal being

a universe away yet right beside you, breathing


We speak we exhibit we opine we wander

we meet here or elsewhere briefly

we develop rapport, or repelling


Virtual and physical crossover

barriers remain as barriers lift

sometimes trust sometimes commonality, caring


Exchanges effect changes

Revolutions Reverie Revelation.


Not a sound I heard for weeks now

but our project works like that, with gaps

either you withheld or I wasn’t listening


No matter I’ve never seen your face

I have seen you clearly, there on a hilltop, unveiled

your arrangement of words hope flowers in sunshine


I will miss your brilliant light and excellence

the gentle brutality of your wisdom, your truths

and your presence behind the words I read.
Goodnight, my virtual friend

Go lightly on your journey




For skeletons

of lonely children

fleeing villainous tormentors

welcoming final escape

embracing relief of innocent death

cradled now by pure Mother Earth

in graves unmarked

names lost or changed or unknown—

we sing our mourning song

we offer quiet Freedom Tears

we chant in voices that will not relent

we hold each one within this soft sacred circle

where humanity emerges the victor

where their names again are whispered

where they rise to be printed in the stars

with love and sorrow and remembrance and hope

we will never forget:

You are not alone

You are not alone.


He walked among us


occupying that space


ponderous straight man

and our own private clown.


His Going shakes us.



Reminds us again:

to respect

humanity’s fragility—-


—our own.


We are not

our achievements.

We are human.





Each one


of love


Leaving our imprint

to linger in

warm places.