I am a better seeder

than I am a weeder

I am a better listener

than I am a speaker

I am a better walker

than I am a driver

I am a better riser

than I am nosediver

I am more a whisper

than I am a shout

I am more a wanderer

than I am a loll about

I am a better harmonizer

than I am a charismatic leader

I am a better conciliator

than I am a first to bleeder

I am a better hider

than I am an overt seeker

I am a better laugher

than I am a weeper

I am a better reader

than I am a cleanup sweeper

I am a better old radio

than I am a new tv

I know there are a lot more things

I might as well come to be

I am growing better recognizing

what it is most likely to be me.



Who or what do you cling to

after bottom’s fractured and you weightless

somewhere sinking

you’re in too deep

drowning drowning going down

do you flail take on dank waters in staccato swallows

have you made ready key and timbre of

your Desperation Shout

And who in this wilderness will hear?

What foolish imp inside convinced you

land stumbler you could swim against

this ten thousand years determined and sinister tide

Did you read it somewhere?

Who was the sage who counselled

never skip introductions or footnotes

never accept half promises or a one way ride

never look behind

you know what’s buried there

raise a hand

give yes open flutter up receive

Water bearer water sign no warranty

dreamy titles won’t help you here:

you select flounder swim

speak or drown.


You, obscure and unknown

lonely quiet inside-looking-outters

bearers of fragile hearts beating earth minderers

early morning vision scribblers

imaginating further world articulators

colourers in darkness

openers of windows

unlockers of doors

shatterers of blinds

unseen dancers in moonlight

reciters of poetry by candlelight

painters of lifebreath on cool basement walls

believers in things that hardly matter at all

hallucinators of Beauty amidst shatter and rubble

You, stragglers lingerers

dreaming humming sudden songsingerers

moongazers stargliders

slow walkers between frenzied hurry-up-or-you’ll-be-left-behinders

seekers wanderers

hitchhikers cosmic giant thumb colliders

rainy night half naked pale horse riders

hopeful rhythmic intoxicated drumbeaters

sometime purple feather and white lily flower eaters…

I love you.