You can’t just wallow here

give up to the flies those supplies

you packed for the voyage you knew would be long and uncomfortable, maybe rough on your equipment

You can’t just surrender

forget your reasons for this quest

You can’t just rinse away

all you’ve strived to build here

You can’t just pretend

you no longer care and nothing matters

You can’t just stop now

wait for time and soft winds to carry you away

You can’t just remove your identity

by removing all of your clothes

You can’t just eliminate who you are

or despise who you think you can never be

You can’t just light a bonfire

to destroy what’s past and all trace of you in it

You can’t just vaporize

I see you and your presence is here and now

You can’t just dig a hole

climb in and will your life expired

You can’t just say you’re lost

because the key temporarily eludes you

You can’t just claim you’re paralyzed

and fear won’t let you move

You can’t just declare you’re no longer curious

about possibilities awaiting you up ahead

You can’t just say you can’t feel me here

my hand light upon your shoulder

You can’t just say you won’t take my magic stick

and raise yourself up unsteadily

to walk beside me


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